How many times have you walked into a meeting with a prospective client and they knew exactly what you were going to present to them; had an in-depth understanding of the areas in which you specialise; and identified with the problem you are going to help them overcome?

Influencing your audience in the build up to a meeting delivers expectation and positions the expertise of you, your team, and your product/service. 

Social selling, whilst not exclusively for sales people, can be an effective mechanism for establishing credibility and growing your business relationships. Regularly sharing relevant insights, knowledge-led content, and industry updates online and across your social networks work in the following areas for any client-facing professional:

1. To build your personal brand.

2. Demonstrate your position as the 'go-to' person in your field.

3. Convey credibility. 

4. Engage with existing as well as prospective clients.

Ultimately, reducing the burden during the discovery phase for a potential client in helping them identify that your solution is best-placed for their requirements.