Britain's vote to leave the EU has spread uncertainty across the nation. Understandably, you will want to know what impact this morning's result will have on you and whether the outcome will affect you either professionally or personally. 

Amongst the apprehension a few organisations have taken the opportunity to lead and reassure their employees, clients, and key stakeholders that they are on top of current affairs. 

I received an email from Fidelity early this morning letting me know that they have a dedicated page on their website to the EU referendum hosting a variety of content published by their team; furthermore, that they will be on hand to help with any questions throughout the day. 

Responding to the referendum in such a manner not only provides reassurance, but also showcases their expertise of their individuals, acting as a significant differentiator to the competition. In a time where uncertainty is high, providing access to relevant, expert-led information can remarkably influence the relationship and trust held between you and your clients.