So you've finally published your content and it's sitting on your website for all your target readers to come along and find. Except for one thing, they probably won't. 

Why? Because basically nobody does that. 

Seriously? Afraid so. Ask yourself, when was the last time you actively sought out a blog post on a company site?

Creating content has traditionally been 'the hard bit'  (though I hear there's apparently *ahem* a tool that can help), and unfortunately it seems that most people seem to miss the most important bit: promoting the content.

The below Forbes article highlights 6 ways of doing just this, including social distribution, influencer marketing and newsletters. I'd like to focus on perhaps the least obvious of the 6 and that's interlinking.

Interlinking is essentially the cross-promotion of content on your site. In other words, making use of separate, but relevant pieces of content by hyperlinking them to a current piece of content. An example of this could be linking some of your YouTube content to a separate blog post, or referencing old blog posts in a new one (which I've done numerous times in this very post).  

It's efficient, it'll boost the reach of your content, and it's allegedly good for SEO