I've been digesting the logo change from 'gram for a few days now, and I've gotta say I'm not a fan. The vast majority of responses I've seen online haven't been overwhelmingly positive either.

First impressions are obviously so important and getting your company logo wrong is one of the simplest ways to put people off. Logo redesigns are notoriously hard to get right, and if botched can cause massive upset with your brand advocates. People unknowingly develop surprisingly deep connections with brands, so think very carefully before rolling out a redesign.

Quite apart from vexing the brand advocates, logo alterations can be costly with respect to recognisability. Instagram's former logo was universally-renowned, and discarding this asset seems pretty rash to me. And though they've kept the skeuomorphic camera icon in their redesign, I feel the rainbow colour scheme curtails the brand's recognisability.