For those of you who don't know, Casey Neistat is a producer, social media celebrity, and co-founder of the tech company Beme.

Since March 26th 2015, Casey has been creating and uploading daily vlog entries to YouTube, and in this video attributes his success in reaching 3 million subscribers to 3 words: 

"Just Keep Uploading" 

This simple, yet demanding quote, resonates a key tenet in building out any successful long-term content strategy. Casey explains how it took him 5 years to reach his first million subscribers on YouTube; however, 2 million came just 5 months later, and 3 in an even shorter amount of time. 

When working on your content strategy it is important to define what success looks like for you. Once you have determined the objectives of creating content, you will then be able to measure it's success against the criteria outlined. 

To continually reap the rewards, you have to keep creating, remembering a long-term content strategy is a marathon and not a sprint!