Visitor expectations have risen dramatically in the context of consuming information online. 

Mapping out user journeys is a great way to determine what content to push to your audience. However, in order to create a more personalised experience, it is important to start using the data being collected about your visitors in order to tailor their individual journey. 

Once you begin to use this information to build profiles for your visitors, it is possible to then make intelligent decisions about what content they want to consume. 

The traditional approach of bucketing your contacts in overarching segments based on their personas (i.e. job title, company size, location) is simply the starting point. To achieve higher engagement and lower bounce rates, you can analyse visitor activity and determine what's next. 

Although it perhaps sounds contradictory, generalisation will allow you to personalise when it comes to defining the visitor journey. Understanding both the visitor persona and what content they are currently consuming will enable you to enhance their experience - nurturing passive visitors and driving engagement with those more active.

Effectively executing a personalised visitor journey will differentiate your content engagement from the competition and work toward driving website conversions.

There are a number of tools that can help to automate this process and I would be delighted to answer any further questions.