Research from Deloitte suggests that the virtual reality (VR) market has reached a tipping point, and beyond the realms of entertainment and gaming, could become a key technology for businesses. 

The potential use cases are vast, and will be driven by two key audiences:

1. Customers/Prospects

The focus will be on delivering a better customer experience. Consumers will have access to content in a new format. First-person VR has the potential to change the way in which businesses advertise their services, as well as the delivery thereof, offering a dynamic platform to engage with prospects for both B2B and B2C companies.

2. Employees

VR provides a great environment for co-worker interaction, being able to assist with project work and the visualisation of complex models; tutorial and training videos; as well as the delivery of first-person presentations to colleagues anywhere in the world.

Early adopters will act as guinea pigs to everyone else watching and assessing whether VR offers genuine business value. 

If successful, the technology will create a new channel for businesses to share visual content, helping drive both revenue and internal efficiency.