This sounds like a nice way to spend two weeks! Snapping away on Instagram courtesy of Netflix. 

In the B2B landscape Instagram has a role however a well defined strategy is required. Since returning from the home of Instagram here are my top tips to make this happen: 

  1. Post content when users are online
    • “Social Timing”. Like all popular social network the content is arranged chronologically. Prepare a few a/b tests. Timezones can make this difficult but start local and grow. Morning/lunch/evening would be a good start (remember your audience bed times vary!).  
    • Research popular accounts in your space and take note. 
  2. Post regularly,
    • A popular account in your niche will typically have an excellent frequency/quality of posting. You need to become a regular fixture in your audiences timeline. 
    • Creating a stock of content can help keep this sustainable.
  3. Prompt specific call-to-action in your posts
    • Like any good piece of content use CTA’s. It might be tagging a friend or liking the image. Ask a question. Find out what your followers engage with. 
  4. Take guidance and post the content that works
    • If someone else is doing something well, take note and do it better. 
    • When you find your content works, repeat. 
  5. Create a hashtag specific to your business
    • A hashtag can make a positive contribution to your brand. It helps ensuring recognition. Businesses have been doing this well in advance of social media #justdoit
  6. Locate hashtags in your niche and use them
    • Search for the most popular hashtags and use alongside your content. These are called “evergreens”. 
    • Caveat - only use hashtags associated with your topic not just because they are popular. 
  7. Analyse popular posts
    • Images with bright backgrounds perform better than dark backgrounds, similar for low saturation. 
    • DO NOT be unnatural but get the balance. Gut feeling is important here. The filters can easily turn you into a kid in a sweetshop.  
  8. Interact with your followers
    • Always thank or respond to any comments. It's basic manners and drives engagement. 
    • Like and comment on other users content you wish to be in the company of. Hashtags are not just for images!
  9. Take care with the quality of your profile
    • Key point here is using the account to drive traffic. The ONLY link in Instagram that works is in your profile. Use it. 
    • Obvious but the profile image has to resonate across all platforms so ensure it is recognisable to any user. 
    • Be concise. 

In addition, share to social networks as it drives traffic back to your account. 

I am always interested in viewing accounts! You can find me on Instagram here: @instdk