More recently I have been asked by growing tech firms how to motivate a BDR and whether it is right time to build a team in house.

As I started my technology career moving from Grant Thornton (accountancy) to a BDR role under some great guidance (Lorraine!) at Logi Analytics my first thought is that a BDR role is a great training ground for a sales person.

So what is a BDR and when should you build this function? I believe the main purpose of this role is:

  1. Build pipeline for sales people (inbound and outbound)
  2. Educating the market
  3. Building relationships in target accounts 
  4. Training for field sales roles

When would you need one? I think the key here is to have a plan. It sounds obvious but you need buy in from all areas of the business to be working towards account based marketing. This means the BDR on the front end has a goal to execute the above against a specific number of accounts rather than not being able to measure success. 

In addition the field sales reps need to have focus on accounts to sell too, marketing need to attack these accounts and product can build with these users in mind (I appreciate this a very basic high level view!).

Once this 'hygiene' is set the best time execute is when you want to rapidly build your market share and revenue. 

How can you spot a good BDR and support them? 

I've always felt that you need to be motivated, self starter, team player, competitive and posses a entrepreneurial mindset. Anyone who knows me realises I am bias but those who have a sporting background often fit this mould. Being entrepreneurial on the rugby pitch, athletics track of tennis court involves finding a new line, change of pace or series of shots to beat your opponent and in some instances carrying a team. 

That said, pending your ABM plan (vertical or horizontal) an individual whose showcases the above and has a niche understanding of a vertical will carve out success.

One caveat to all of this is making sure the hand off process is smooth, customers don't like repeating themselves. This might require you to structure your BDR's level of qualification/demonstration based on experience.

Regardless of background humans need a career objective and perhaps this is field sales or marketing, either way make sure this is clearly mapped out with a level of certainty from day 1 to keep your best talent.