Yesterday was the start of Infosecurity Europe in the UK – the annual event for technology vendors to show their wares and try to create an impact. Like the RSA event earlier this year, significant marketing budgets are spent on these events and, in some cases, on huge stands that create visual impact for companies that frankly I have not seen too much of in the market. Clearly having an impressive stand gets you noticed but what lies beyond this visual impact?

And how do you stand out from the crowd and differentiate your business from the diversity of vendors and the general themes of the show such as ransomware, skills shortage and platforms? Even on the Infosecurity blogs, there is rave about the number of vendors. As an example, one attendee said “The diversity and quality of products and services on show from more than 350 exhibitors was astonishing”. While this clearly benefits some, typically I would recommend a more focused approach. This means talking to your trusted advisor and selecting those that are on your definite target list and those that are taking an innovative approach to the issues you face.

This advice maybe too late for some of you who have already pushed your way through the clouds and become deaf to the noise in the main arena. Skills shortages will not be resolved by technology alone, ransomware requires education and awareness aligned to innovation on how to protect against this type of attack and, finally, platforms have to be comprehensive and managed effectively for it to benefit an organisation. Too often technology is seen as the panacea but, without the correct configuration and management, it is not the business enabler it should be.